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Tap for more information on each kart for sale

Sodi Sigma RS w/ 100cc ROK VLR

Race Ready Sodi / 100cc ROK VLR


Race Ready Sodi chassis with a low mileage 100cc ROK VLR engine, nearly new Levanto tires, and a Mychron  5 2T datalogger. 

Price: $6000(plus tax)

Vortex 100cc, 2 stroke VLR

Building upon the successful line-up of Vortex ROK engines, VORTEX launches the new Vortex ROK VLR. The perfect platform for the entry-level driver, the ROK VLR not only offers superior performance over its rivals with lower maintenance, but it also offers some great features like electric start all at a cost racers can afford.

The new ROK VLR engine was designed solely with club racers in mind, whether it’s a new racer getting into karting, or for those looking to move up from a four-cycle powerplant. Also, for racers that want to update their current 100cc to a state-of-the-art engine package, this engine covers it all.

Sodi Sigma RS

SODIKART, world leader in karting industry, has built its reputation on an audacious development strategy, exclusive innovations supported by numerous patents and a constant pursuit of excellence in serving its customers.

SodiKart Chassis are the absolute epitome of fine craftsmanship, speed, and safety all at an affordable price. 

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